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This Sunday we will be back in-person for worship.  Join us in the Ministry Center at 11:00am.  We will continue to practice Social Distancing and follow all CDC guidelines to ensure a great and safe experience for all of our ministries.  Our services will be streamed on our website, Facebook, and YouTube for those unable to attend.

Mark your calendars.  We plan on starting HH Groups, HH Kids, and Unlimited Students on April 11.

When you do attend an in-person service or ministry in the future, please remember that:

  • Masks will be made mandatory upon entering and exiting the building and while moving around campus.
  • Strict social distancing will be expected.  Although our church nature is to love on each other through hugs, handshakes, fist bumps, etc., we ask for this not to take place.
  • Please do not move any chairs around. Wait for an usher to assist you so that we can maintain social distancing.
  • As always, pray for one another!  We know the importance of laying on of hands during prayer, however, at this time we cannot encourage prayer with the laying on of hands.  
  • Temperature checks (on the wrist) will take place upon entry.  Anyone with a temperature at or above 100 will not be allowed to enter. 
  • If you have had any symptoms, any direct contact with someone who has tested positive in the last 14 days, you yourself have been tested or someone you have been with has been tested and you are awaiting results, we ask that you please stay home for your safety as well as the safety of the church family.
  • All leaders/volunteers are asked to set the highest example of safety by following these protocols while on campus.
  • If you have underlying conditions that may make you more susceptible to this virus, we encourage you to join us online.
  • Our top priority is the safety and wellness of our family.

~Pastor Carley



We have two opportunities to SERVE coming up in April.  On Friday, April 2, we will be doing an Easter Egg Hunt Deliver in our community.  We will be hiding 25 eggs per child and could use some volunteers to help with the deliveries that evening.  We also need eggs and candy.  

If you would like to have your house as an egg deliver, need more information, or would like to donate items to the Easter Egg Deliver, contact Christie Arrington.

Our 2nd Saturday Serve will be on April 10 with the Special Olympics. Covid-19 restrictions have been reduced a little, however, volunteers that are ON the actual baseball field or in the dugout, are required to wear a mask. For everyone that is not on the baseball field or in the dugout, masks will be optional.  We are asking for everyone to follow the social distancing rules and to be respectful of other's personal space, especially if you are not wearing a mask.

Volunteers need to be at the ballfields by 9am for prayers and instructions.

For more information on the Special Olympics, contact Melanie Ross.

Toilet paper, paper towels, diapers all sizes, wipes, Pedialyte, Gatorade, water, laundry detergent, dish detergent

We are also accepting donations for our blessings boxes memory of/honor of. These donations are $100 donation per box.

***We still have some SERVE shirts available as well.***



Do you want to know more about Holly Hill and the IPHC?  Do you want to discover your specific design?  Are you curious about where you can serve?

Join us for stepTHREE this week for the Growth Track at 10:00am right HERE.



Make plans to be with us at 11:00am on April 4 for the Death of Death Easter Celebration.  Invite your family and friends to come be a part of this awesome worship encounter.